Hide My Ass is a great way to browse the Internet and be safe from third party trackers who are up to no good. This program allows you to sneak on and off the Internet completely under the radar. Hide My Ass is a virtual firewall developed to protect computer users from prying eyes and protect that computer when using public, unsecured access points.

HMA is effective when used to bypass geo-targeted systems. The system keeps no logs of their customers and if investigated there will be no identifying information available. Your ISP shows no indication of your activity online, which means anyone tracking your movements, will not know whether you are surfing the web or checking email.

When choosing a connection server, the closer your location is to a server, the faster your connection will be. Depending on your geographical location, a server in another country may be closer than some of the servers in your own country. It is not mandatory to only connect to servers in your own country.

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Hide My Ass! gives everyone the ability to avoid being blocked from geo-targeted areas. There are certain governments and countries that block certain Internet activities and sometimes Internet connection in general. Hide My Ass! allows users to infiltrate those areas and look up web pages and even watch television.

As a general rule of thumb and this is not always the absolute rule, your best speeds will be with OpenVPN over PPTP pr L2PTP. If you are using Hide My Ass! on a mobile device such as a smart phone, IPSec, PPTP or L2TP will be your best bet.

HMA is an effective tool for those who need or just want anonymity. HMA provides a speed guide that allows users to do a ping test to find the servers with the best speeds. Users have the ability to change their IP addresses at predetermined or random times during a session. Each change brings a new IP address and new location. Using an IP bind will prevent your computer from going online and reverting to your original IP address.

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